Friendship Center at Friendship Village  


  Association of Licensed Architects Design Awards Program, Merit Award 2007

Architect: Jaeger Nickola Ltd.  
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois  

The project is a 14,000 square foot building that is directly adjacent to a pond. The building is one story, but the roof levels vary greatly, with the tallest wall being nearly fifty feet above grade. The building’s roof has both flat and sloped areas, with the flat portion being the lowest. The building also has a 3,800 square foot exterior patio that that extends over the pond. The patio is supported on drilled piers that are drilled into the soil below the pond. The patio framing is pre-cast planks on reinforced concrete beams. The building is constructed with non-load bearing CMU walls and steel bar joists on steel beams and columns. Permanent sheet piling is used to retain pond water temporarily in order to install the concrete foundation walls.     


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