Lake in the Hills Village Hall


AIA Honor Awards Nominee for Distinguished Building Award 2003

FGM, Inc.  
Lake in the Hills, Illinois  

This 23,360 square foot building is a one story structure with a partial walkout basement.  Utilizing primarily wood roof framing on masonry bearing walls, two wings of the building have a monoslope roof made of structural insulated wood sandwich panels over metal-plate-connected wood trusses.  The roof framing of the third wing also incorporates the insulated panels, here in the form of a hip roof supported on tapered glued laminated wood beams.  Throughout all these spaces a majority of the structure is exposed to view, and the varying systems employed help define the diverse functions within the building.


The remaining portion of the building houses service functions.  In this area the roof is framed with wood open-web joists supporting a concrete slab.  This heavy deck system is used to provide a sound buffer against noise generated by the roof-top mechanical units.


Beneath one wing, the walkout basement takes advantage of the sloping site topography.  The first floor framing system is pre-cast planks, some of which cantilever to the exterior and form an elevated walkway adjacent to the building.


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